The Group’s growth strategy is both organic and inorganic, reflective of the contributors to the successful growth track record in recent years. The Group takes a disciplined approach to acquisitions, seeking to add capital value without an adverse impact on the existing business. The Group has a proven track record of sourcing, executing and integrating chosen acquisitions and has a strong ongoing pipeline of opportunities.

The Group’s overall strategy comprises development across the Group’s established, developing and potential new jurisdictions. It involves continued progression in areas of technology, product and vendor selection to ensure that the right growth areas are targeted in order to maximise the value that the Group can add to customers.

Key Strengths

Proven buy and build capabilities
Entering new geographies and product markets through acquisition and then substantially growing the acquired businesses.

Strong financial track record and delivery of growth strategy
For each of the last twelve years, the Group has delivered revenue growth and gross margin improvement.

Focus on the AV markets
Depth of expertise and focus ensures the Group is at the forefront of the market and technological developments.

Key long-term, value-add relationships with major vendors and customers
Expertise and consistent delivery of high value-add services provide long-term significant value to both vendors and customers, supplemented by highly effective sales and marketing operations and efficient logistics.

High value-add distribution with specialisms and bespoke service offering, acting as a key differentiator
The Group’s focus on products and technologies that are in their early to mid-growth phase increases its ability to provide a value-add service and enhances the value that vendors and customers can gain from the Group’s offering.

Leading competitive position and established international platform for future growth, underpinned by compelling market drivers
With strong market positions in most of its product and geographical markets, the Group is well placed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by increased demand for AV products and the development of new technologies.

Experienced management team with long-standing industry expertise
Senior management team with many years experience in the AV market.